The only thing against her is that she's is a visionary - who wants to cure the world.

Welcome to WiredSaturation!

Another page that encourages all those below the ring to try their hardest.

In short, we as a group are all doing our best to develop knowledge in certain areas

Introducing ourselves:

Rika [they/them] likes to see what they can extrapolate from the media they watch, with their main focus being anime, but also believes desperately in researching in our past thinkers as they see us as truly standing ontop the shoulders of giantess

Naturlov [he/they] does his best in trying to catch up with physics and chemistry, and wants to become good at hyperfocusing in that area.

Nira [they/she] is a big fan of tech and wants to explore the realm of wirepunk, the aesthetic of older tech

Alstroemeria [she/they] is our inhouse artist, and helps make beautiful renditions of places on our planet, you'll be able to observe her development in her study as well as see their work across the website.

Minchint [they/he] acknowledges that they can be a bit nutty, but mostly he just wants to express his showerthoughts on miscellanious things.

Kouka [he/him], our friendly bartender sometimes hosts chats around subjects that the guests probably don't get to talk about very indepthtly.

Tenres [she/her] hosts BELOWTHERING, the most popular non-awardwinning blog across our dustball which chooses to highlight our most interesting locations

*We realize that certain cultures find it confusing when you aren't consistent with a person's pronouns across the same sentence or context, but I'm just trying to have fun with introducting everyone, okay?

Thanks to sadgrl for the template (And promise to work harder on differentiating this from the template)